Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a Pinteresting Idea

I have failed miserably as a newbie blogger.  I missed out on The Pinterest Challenge by Sherry of YHL last week.  I feel like as a new blogger this is one way for me to feel more connected to other DIY bloggers out there, and I missed my opportunity.  I did have a lot of good excuses for being busy this weekend (helping out with a wedding at church Friday and Saturday, bridal show with friends on Saturday, and celebrating Grandma’s birthday Sunday, an overall great weekend!).  Because I missed out, I am determined to have my own personal Pinterest Challenge this weekend.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pinterest it’s only the most addicting website ever.  It’s basically a place where you can browse ideas and “pin” them to your boards of various topics.  For me it’s a great way to archive different DIY and craft ideas as well as recipes and inspiring home décor.  In short, I love it, I’m addicted.

The problem with Pinterest is it’s easy to pin but a lot more difficult to actually get off the couch and start making things inspired by the things that you pin.

Enter the Pinterest Challenge.  Sherry of YHL along with three other noted bloggers were hosting a Pinterest Challenge (Part III) this past week.  Everyone who participated in the challenge along with them posted their completed projects on the YHL blog.  It’s really amazing and inspiring to see all of the creativity out there! 

Well, before I closely read the details of the challenge, I got excited and posted a link to my herringbone kitchen wall that was inspired by Pinterest.  After re-reading the challenge I realized it was suppose to be a project complete in the last week…ooops!  Now the guilt is setting in and I’m determined redeem myself and do a new Pinterest Challenge of my own.

Here are a few things I am currently inspired by on Pinterest:

Sense a theme?  Now behold the stash of empty wine bottles currently housed under our piano that is compelling me to do something.

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