Monday, November 12, 2012

A Case of Blog Abandonment

I realize I have been neglectful of my blog for the past, months?!  Has it really been that long?  In my defense I have been busy with the 7.5 credit hours of interior design classes, working 40-plus hours a week, and squeezing in a few birthday celebrations here and there.  I'm full of excuses.  I think I am ready for life to calm down a little.  I know this is wishful thinking considering the holiday season is upon us, but a girl can hope, right?

The Fall quarter is soon coming to a close.  I present one of my final projects tomorrow night, and the second a week from tonight.  Here are a few shots of my townhouse design that I am presenting tomorrow (sorry for the crappy cell phone pics):

As much as I have enjoyed and learned from these two courses, I am ready for a break.  Going to school and working is WAY harder than I ever expected, even if you are taking classes you love.  Not only have I been neglectful of the blog, our house has seen better days as well.

I feel like it's time to recenter myself and refocus on home and family.  Maybe it's the recent extreme change in temperature or the fact that I spent my entire weekend drawing, cutting and gluing (literally hours of gluing), but I'm ready to stay home, re-organize and relax in a cozy home with the hubby and the puppy.

Tonight while in class I selfishly thought I would take another class this Winter quarter.  I have been wavering about this for some time now.  I'm writing this post in part to talk myself out of this crazy idea.  Yes, this is the only time of year that Interior Design II is offered, and yes, I would like to continue to take classes with some of the people I have met, but I realize now it will be too much too soon.  Like I have said before, I am not after a degree at this point, so there's no rush.

So that's that.  No class next quarter.  It's in writing now, that makes it official, Charlotte.

Thank you for listening to my inner dialog and holding me accountable to my decision.  I have a few posts I have been holding out on including a dresser update, a Goodwill shopping trip, a Target clearance jackpot, and a basement bathroom makeover.  Stay tuned to more projects and holiday decorating!

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