Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye, Christmas!

Yesterday I took on the tedious task of taking down the Christmas decorations.  I feel like it’s kind of like driving home from a wonderful vacation…long, dreary, and you don’t really want to come back to real life.  But there is something that happens after all the bows and lights are taken down.  There’s just something about this blank slate that I’m left with and it is making me more and more antsy to de-clutter, organize, and get some DIY projects done.  Hopefully the motivation will last!

Back to Christmas décor.

Christmas 2009

Ever since our peacock themed wedding I’ve tried to make use of our leftover feathers, ribbons, wreaths and candles in our home décor.  So after doing the “classy peacock” theme for two years I was determined to rough it up a little this year. 

My inspiration came from West Elm (I wish I could live in their catalog…did anyone else see the new Spring Catalog?!), Pinterest, and Pottery barn which had plaid pillows featured in their holiday catalog this year.  I knew I could save some dough and make most of the new decorations myself, incorporating the old wedding feathers and candles.

I didn’t want to go full-on lumberjack, so I found two subtle gray plaid flannels with hints of turquoise and green to pull together the peacock theme (purchased at JoAnn Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics). I also threw in a more classic black and white herringbone which I thought had a nice wintery feel.

I saved a few pennies by just making zippered pillow covers with the material for our usual couch pillows instead of buying new pillow inserts.  I’m realizing this is a good trick for me and my throw pillow obsession.  It’s also a lot easier to store a flat pillow cover than a full size throw pillow.

While shopping I also found thick jute twine, a narrow roll of burlap, spools of natural woven wired ribbon with glitter, wood snowflakes, yarn, small wicker wreaths and a few other supplies from Michael’s and JoAnn.  Once at home I broke out the ole’ hot glue gun AND my wood burning pen which I was super excited about, that thing hadn’t seen the light of day since 1997.

After many an evening spent hidden away in my craft room I emerged with these…a mix of natural textures, warmth, and of course peacock feathers. 

I’m really happy with the overall look, a bit more casual and homey than the past few years.  Lovingly I declared our theme “rustic peacock”.

So the “rustic peacock” is now hibernating until next year, but I did leave the flannel pillow covers on for the winter months.  I think it’s finally time to say goodbye Christmas, hello 2012!


  1. my favorite are the twine-wrapped ornaments...and the herringbone pillow. i wish i could sew. sigh. hope to see you guys sometime soon!

  2. You could totally learn to sew, Amy! Especially pillows, super easy, they're just straight lines. Would love to see the three of you soon as well!