Saturday, January 7, 2012

A year in review…where I slept in 2011

So I’m totally stealing this idea from a friend over at:
This is a list of places I spent the night in 2011. Very fun idea and a great way to remember what you did every year.  Let see if I can remember everything.

Wahoo, Nebraska:  We woke up New Year’s Day at our friend Carrie’s parent’s house after a fun night with friends.
Omaha, Nebraska:  Obviously, at our house.
Lincoln, Nebraska:  We spent several nice weekends with Jason’s family throughout the year.
Kansas City, Missouri:  I had a really fun weekend with the girls down here in May for Jodi’s Bachelorette party.  In December, Jason and I saw Wilco, his favorite band.  It awesome show!  We also went to a Waffle House for the first time, very memorable.
Morrison, Colorado:  We stayed with my Uncle Gary, Aunt Jolein and cousins in their beautiful house at the beginning and end of our Colorado vacation in May.  We were able to see Mark’s high school graduation as well.
Buena Vista, Colorado:  Stayed here two chilly nights before and after white water rafting.
Estes Park, Colorado:  Also part of our Colorado vacation.  We spent one night at this really cute bed and breakfast called The Quilt House with a lovely older couple.  Great breakfast!
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado:  We camped again a few nights, wonderful views!

Bloomington, Minnesota:  Mom and I stayed across from IKEA and Mall of America for our Annual Girl’s Shopping Extravaganza, also her birthday weekend!
Woodbury, Minnesota:  Mom and I also spent a night with my aunt Robin and her (soon to be husband!) Dean in their gorgeous home!  It was great getting to see Alan and his fiancé as well!
Boise, Idaho:  Jason and I went to our friends’ wedding, Brian and Amanda, beautiful wedding in a beautiful city!

I’m realizing I need to take more pictures (always dreaded these words coming out of my mouth, but Mom will be happy this is rubbing off on me).  2011 was pretty nice!  Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings our way.

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