Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Up-cycled Finds

I know I have raved to many of my friends about this place, but I just can’t say it enough…I love The Humble Home!  It is this awesome new-ish store in Midtown (50th and Leavenworth) that is completely up my alley.  It is full of vintage, up-cycled home decor pieces that are very unique but can fit in with many decorating styles.  The prices are very reasonable and the owner, Andrea, is always friendly and welcoming.  This place is perfect for my “modern eclectic” style.

As much as I love the store, I have not been there nearly enough.  To my defense I was trying to be good about my spending around the holidays and this store has something I must bring home every time I visit.  Today I made a much needed and overdue trip there.

When The Humble Home opened last summer I picked up this gorgeous bamboo mirror for only $31.99.

 I love the classic shape but with the black paint it gives it a more modern edge and pops off of the gray stripes.

On my trip today I scored twice, first with this great piece of pottery which is currently atop the bookshelf in the living room.

It is gray (my favorite decorating neutral) with subtle hints of turquoise/teal (my favorite color).  The bowl is great, especially for $5.99.  I’m not sure it this will be its final resting place, but for now I like it in place of the former IKEA candle holder.

My second find, which I spotted on their Facebook page yesterday, was a lamp for only $41.99, and that’s for the base and shade.  I had been looking for something to replace this old IKEA lamp that I currently had on the guestroom side table.  The IKEA lamp was old, cheap, and too small for the space.

I wanted something a little more substantial but also neutral.  Obviously there are a lot of patterns already going on in this space so I didn’t want a lamp with too much color or a patterned shade.  Here is the “after” with my new love lamp.

I love the tripod look, but I guess this is technically a "quadripod".  According to spellcheck I just made that word up.  Anyways, doesn't it fill the space better?  It was just what that bedroom was missing.

Some of you might worry that my love of IKEA is diminishing since I am replacing old IKEA items with my new finds.  Don’t worry…I can still count at least 14 IKEA items just from where I am sitting in my living room.  I think there is a place for IKEA, but as I keep decorating and changing my house I’m finding more unique and fun items that I want to have instead of something that thousands of other people own.

This is what I love about my “modern eclectic” décor.  Layering the old, up-cycled and vintage finds with the new, modern home-store items gives a unique look and won’t break your budget.  It is so easy to rotate in new pieces and gradually change it into a space that I don’t just like, but love. 

So check out The Humble Home to add some “uniqueness” to your space, and save yourself the trouble of searching through antique or thrift stores.  There’s a wonderful variety of items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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