Friday, April 6, 2012

Camera Tricks

We bought a new camera this last week.  And no, we did not splurge for the latest DSLR model.  I of course thought we needed a DSLR like everyone else has, but luckily my sweet husband talked me back down to reality.

Reasons why we don’t need a DSLR:

1) We rarely take pictures now.  Buying a fancy camera doesn’t mean we are suddenly going to turn into photographers.

2) I don’t know the lingo or how it translates to our current camera.  Aperture?  Shutter speed?  Say what?!

3) Our current camera is somewhat bulky to haul around.  Why would I think that I would be willing to carry a dedicated camera bag with all of the lenses and accessories?

4) Price.  DSLR cameras and accessories are expensive.

5) Complexity.  Did I mention that I don’t know what aperture is?  I would feel obligated to take a class on how to use a DSLR, which would in turn translate to more money.

I really want to take pretty pictures, really I do.  I want my food posts to have the most tantalizing photos and my decorating posts to look like a magazine spread, but I had to agree with the hubby on this one.

He found a great option for us…the new Canon PowerShot S100.

Here’s why I love it!

1) It is small, about half the size of our old Canon PowerShot A710

2) It has easy to use settings for landscapes, pets, and portraits to name a few.

3) It is matte black.

4) There aren’t a million lenses and accessories to lug around with it.

5) It claims to take pictures as good as a DSLR.

I know this is a pretty simplistic view of this camera given the massive list of features and options it has (GPS?!), but my knowledge of photography and cameras is pretty elementary at this point.  My goal is to gradually learn how to use it to its great potential.  Last night we took advantage of the great Spring weather and the “magic hour” and took a stroll at Memorial Park with the dog.

We ended up with some great photos…

And some not so great photos…

 Yes, Winston got a leash wedgie

I mainly used the Auto, Landscape, Portrait and Kids/Pets modes.  Maybe someday I’ll be adventurous and use the manual mode after a little photography research.

Oh, and here’s Winston doing what he does best…getting in between me and whatever he thinks I’m doing.

Little does he know I’m actually blogging, not watching TV.  Silly dog.

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