Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Last night I dreamed of cleaning.  How sad is that?  Not like “oh I’m just sprucing up the kitchen after dinner” and then continue on with normal dreaming topics.  No, this was a full-on hoarders style cleaning.  I was in various rooms of our house and at some point in my craft room sorting through piles and piles of random junk.  And I swear I haven’t watched Hoarders in over a month.

It could be that I’m getting the Spring Cleaning Bug.  Or the fact that I started going through a few old year books at my parents’ house the other day.

Or maybe it’s the current state of things in my craft room that has something to do with my dream...

Yeah.  I’d say this is the reason for my all-too-realistic dream.  The funny thing is that it was a nice dream.  I felt calm, and the dream-cleaning was weirdly therapeutic.

If you haven’t noticed I have been really bad about posting recently.  This is because I haven’t had much to post about.  I’ve hit Project Paralysis.  I blame it on stress.  Work has been more stressful recently, but I’ve come to peace with work stress…it’s gonna happen, we’ll get through it, and we’ll develop a new, workable normal.  Now I need to deal with home stress, namely CLUTTER!

Jason and I both agree.  Clutter causes us stress.  I never realized how much of a difference it makes to come home to a clean house.  This only happens for us after we’ve had company over.  So don’t be fooled friends and family, we are not neat freaks.  My neat freak side only kicks in to high gear about 24 hours before company arrives.

Maybe this dream is a sign.  I’m stressing about clutter subconsciously and I need to do something about it.  Cleaning and organizing will help, “a place for everything and everything in its place”, but we also need to develop better everyday habits.  I feel that coming home to a mostly-cleaned and de-cluttered house will allow me to give myself permission to start up on the project list again.

Now if only my sleep-walking tendencies I had as a teenager would somehow turn into sleep-cleaning?  Just a thought.

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